USB/BT Joystick Center 1.52


Universal USB/BT Joystick Center, to use every Joystick under Android.

After three month of work, now here it is, the "USB/BT Joystick Center"

Requirements: 7" or 10" Android 3.1 (or newer) Tablet Device and 1024x600 or higher (no root is needed). To use your Android Device like a Gaming Console a HDMI Out is recommended. Xoom needs an OTG USB cable (On-The-Go) to use the Android USB Host Mode. If you have an Android 3G Tablet: Android 3G has an bad "usbManager" Bug, because this command is hanging endless (App hangs on "USB Permissions")! I fixed this Android Bug with an TimeLimiter for the Acer Iconia A501, maybe it helps for other Tablets, too. Don't Press "Ok" if the App ask you for USB Permissions if it is not a Joystick! (take a look at the title text in the app, then you can see when it's a Joystick!)
Wifi only Tablets (Asus Transformer, Acer Iconia A500, Xoom Wifi, LG Optimus Pad, Toshiba AT100) have no problems.

I'm an old fashion computer fan of C64, Atari VCS, N64, PSX, ... consoles and also of the new ones like X360/PS3. But with Honeycomb you can not use a lot of old original Joysticks natively or with the newer ones you have no Led support, still blinking and some buttons are not working. To solve all these problems I've written USB Joystick Center.

This app give you full control over your USB Joysticks, so you can create your own Joystick Driver with only some fingertips in just one or two minutes. You can map USB signals to Buttons, Sticks, Sliders and mapping this to a key of your choice. Isn't it great? It is! :) So you can play "Pitstop" with an USB Wheel, or playing Super Mario with the old N64 Controller with the C-Buttons. Or you can play wireless with X360 Controllers and the X360 Wirless Gaming Adapter (4 Player support). And you have full Led support for X360, PS3, Rockband and Logitech X360 Controllers. No more blinking Led's :)

Incidentally, except that you can touching your own little USB Joystick Drivers, you have nativley support for these Devices:

- Wii Remotes 1-4 (Wireless)
- Zeemote

- SNES "Controller Adapter for PC USB" (2 Players)
- N64 "Controller Adapter for PC USB" with 2 Player support (4 Players with a 2nd Adapter)
- PSX 1/2 "USB Gamepad Converter Dualschock" with 2 Player support
- PS3 Dualshock Sixaxis - Wired (full Led Support)
- X360 Controller wired (full Led support)
- X360 Wireless "USB Gaming Receiver for PC" (4 Player support, full Led support)
- Logitech "Drive FX Racing Wheel" (full Led support)
- "PC/Gamepad/Joystick/Wheel Adapter" (15 Pin D-Sub)
- C64/Atari/Amiga "Donalds USB-Joystickadapter" for 2 Players
- C64/128/A600 "Keyrah" USB Keyboard + 2 Joysticks Adapter
- Rockband: USB Guitars and Drums
- PSX - USB 4 "Buzz Junior" Wired Controllers

Soon wireless Bluetooth support:
- PS3 Dualshock Sixaxis

I'm having a lot of fun, and it was faszinating to support all these little nice devices. Hoping you also enjoy it like me. The best thing is, you can Export and Import your Drivers with only two fingertips, to share drivers with your friends easily :)

If you having an adapter that is not natively supported and you have trouble to use it, no problem, write me an email and I will make it runnable for you (please give me 3-5 days for the response). Please rate this not with 1 Star if you got problems. Write me an email, and I will fix it.

Hint: the last weeks of testing have shown me, that USB Joystick Center is predestined to check if everything is ok with the joysticks. Because you can see on the images of the animated buttons, how precise they are working... or not ;) - I've seen that 2 of 4 analog sticks of my N64 Joysticks are not working correctly.

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